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Estate Planning

Thorough preparation is often the key to success in any venture, including life. At the law firm of Bailey & Slotnick, P.L.L.C., we offer effective estate planning services for clients throughout the 55 counties of West Virginia. We understand that having a plan ahead of time often prevents future hassle when problems arise. For over 20 years we have focused on providing diligent, efficient and accurate legal services that help our clients meet their goals, whatever they are.

As attorneys, we use our knowledge and experience to help clients legally protect what they hold most dear, including their homes and their family's continued well-being. Our estate planning services include assisting clients to: 

  • Plan an estate that fits their budgets and goals 
  • Draft effective wills and trusts that capture their wishes and goals 
  • Establishing living wills or living trusts 
  • Select durable powers of attorney 
  • Set up advanced healthcare directives

We also regularly help clients update their estate plans as circumstances in their lives change. Whether you just bought a house or wish to save for retirement, we seek to protect your lifetime investments and help you establish the legacy you want to leave.

Our firm provides effective and expedient solutions that accurately address our clients' concerns and help them pursue their goals. We offer creative solutions that realistically address our clients' concerns about the future. Action means nothing without results, so we diligently employ our resources toward finding the unique plan that fits your family, situation and goals.

To discuss your estate plan with a qualified West Virginia estate planning lawyer, call our office in Charleston at 304-345-4222 or contact us online. We offer free initial consultations and flexible scheduling options by arrangement. 

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